Why am I here?

Every teacher will know the annoyance of children filling in college applications. When kids are throwing themselves at you left, right and centre, wanting career advice, wanting to know what you think they should do. This can be really fulfilling, or it can just remind you how miserable you are in your job.

I had a rough ride at a school a couple of years ago and decided that teaching wasn’t for me. Lots of reasons led up to this, not the kids. Saying that, kids can be horrendous in lesson, but its hard to hold a grudge when one to one they are actually crazy and hilarious little cherubs.

I left the country that summer and decided that I was going to change my life. Think of myself as number one and consider whole heartily what would make me happy.

What am I passionate about? The human body, helping people, watching people smile. It was a start.

When I was at school I wanted to be a doctor, where I come from, nobody becomes a doctor.

I didn’t really want to go back to university for years on end, so I looked at the Scientist Training Programme and was interested massively in a few of those, but not as much as I was drawn to the role of a perfusionist. I got a job in an NHS lab to gain experience, and applied for several trainee perfusion roles, none of which even interviewed me. Thanks for that.

A close friend suggested it was easier to become a doctor than to gain a place as a trainee perfusionist (albeit a lot more expensive and time-consuming)

My journey is going to test that hypothesis

I got my lab experience and I headed back into teaching where I could earn twice as much and save for the possibility of medschool.

First thing to tackle… The GAMSAT.


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