A Crappy Day

So, imagine you wake up with the headache you went to bed with, you have a coughing fit so bad that you vomit and an Ofsted inspector led observation scheduled for period one.

Typical winters day teaching. It gets better when the asshole who is supposed to observe you doesn’t even turn up with the Ofsted inspectors, so your planning was for nothing. No problem, it only takes 10 minutes to write a lesson for an observation, right?

Are SLT’s so far removed from teaching that they don’t understand the impact of this?! I understand Ofsted and Michael Gove fucking teachers over, but shouldn’t our schools be trying to nurture staff and bring out their best rather than pulling stunts like this? This is the third time this has happened to me this term so I’m getting pretty sick of it.

Being ill and under the weather is a fantastic way to find yourself in a bad mood – obviously. Okay, rant over. Sorry about the naughty words.

I didn’t feel ready to start some actual GAMSAT studying as I really am unwell, I did read  part of a guide-book given to me by a friend, so I have a little idea about where I’m going to start. In fact, the pdf book was fantastic and is something I would totally recommend to anyone who is going to try to sit this exam.

On the plus side I have a relatively easy day tomorrow in school, especially compared to todays full on day. I’m heading into the city (London) to embark on some training for a teacher secret mission after work, so it is going to be a very long day.

GAMSAT will have to wait until the weekend – I joined the local university library so will be acquainting myself with it fully. 


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