Train Journey from Hell

I’m tired.

I’m sat on a majorly delayed train and really, after attempting to concentrate hard for the last two and a half hours all I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep. Let’s not forget the heated blanket.
Weirdly on my way here I almost froze to death, so it’s ironic that the delay is due to a fire.

Today’s issues in education come directly from the schools ICT guys, not a complete surprise, unless you’re kissing their ass they are making your life difficult.
I set cover for my last lesson of the day so I could arrive to my meeting/course in good time. Easy enough, I have a fantastic CAA in that lesson supporting the class, she’s fully qualified to take the lesson by herself but we had a supply teacher available so he joined in too. Only that caused an issue, ICT guy saw him and removed the laptops that I had ordered from my room! He even refused when the CAA pointed out she was in the lesson. These students are on their very last assignment and as it’s a research presentation they weren’t able to do anything productive towards it. An hour of their lives wasted. The frustrating thing about it is that by saying anything or reporting it, I’ll end up with ICT issues that waste a lot more than an hour of anyone’s life.

I have a plan.
Apparently the GAMSAT is valid in all countries regardless of which country’s paper you sit. With this in mind it makes sense that I take the Irish exam in March. Which I know is roughly 4 months of preparation, the way I see it this is my practice run, a chance to see an actual paper, there’s no pressure when I expect to fail it miserably either. That way, by September I will be in tip top condition to nail the UK one. Or so my theory suggests in my mind.

What other decisions have I made today?

  • Always choose ‘C’ when I don’t know the answer – intelligent guessing apparently.
  • Practice will make perfect.
  • Focus on the literacy based sections – I’m already a scientific genius (couldn’t be less true)
  • Create a method and follow it. Make it second nature. Create the link sentences for essays.
  • I purchased a new notebook from Paperchase, tomorrow I’ll begin the task of filling it.
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