Where Am I Now?

Well, right now, I’m sat in Starbucks tapping away and waiting for a friend to arrive. This girl likes to gossip; that’s no secret.

So, I looked at what I needed to do, and I realise the true commitment that this is going to require. So, rather than being afraid, I decided to bulk up my work load and take on 90 credits with the OU to start me on track to get another degree. Med school can only be impressed by my commitment right?! I stopped studying any science and decided to start with my weakest area.

Verbal Reasoning

OUCH!!! Hmmm… I’m somewhat thrown by how fricken difficult this can be when the clock is ticking! I did a few practices using the MCAT 101 book, and then ran myself a proper timed test paper. The last passage I got zero marks, I just didn’t have time to read it properly and seeing the clock ticking just panicked me and I made bad choices. Anyhow, I managed 62.5%, this is obviously not good enough, and I refuse to move onto studying the written section until I average at 80%.



Does nothing but get in the way of my life, this weekend I need to spend the majority of it in my classroom going through the students’ BTEC work. Unless you’ve taught this, you will have no idea how annoying and time consuming the marking can be. Writing out feedback sheets for every task, for every student is nothing short of a pain in the arse. I have a busy week ahead with meetings and observations, so, no GAMSAT work at all; unless I do this to split up the annoyance of BTEC.

Teacher Secret Mission

I didn’t realise how much of my time would be taken up by this. I have to write business model canvas’ for my two ideas, set up a mock of the products on PowerPoint and now run full research. Annoying, and where is the benefit to me? Yeah, I don’t know either.  If I do manage to pull it off in the way I hope I could one day be stinking rich. Stinking of only nice expensive things, obviously. I assure you my numerous apartments will all smell of rich mahogany.


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